Herbal and CBD Infused Salves:

Hand made with organic oils, sustainably sourced butters and organic unbleached Beeswax we incorporate CBD with powerful botanical medicine to create truly unique and effective topical applications.

Canna Root Salve – For the treatment of pain, inflammation, skin irritations, burns, and arthritis. This salve combines an extra strength cannabis root and St. Johns Wort, with ingredients that are both warming and cooling for immediate deep relief.

Canna Root Salve (4.5mg)

Canna Root Salve (9mg)

CBD Arnica Salve – CBD is combined with Arnica Montana, Basil, Chamomile, Clove, Lavender, and Yarrow helps relieve pain, bruising, swelling, pail, and inflammation due to trauma.

Arnica Salve (200mg)

Arnica Salve (400mg)

CBD Heal and Renew Salve – Best recommendation for skin cancers and wounds. This healing and nourishing topical combines CBD, Pau D’arco, Chapparal, Oregon Grape Root, Red Clover, Frankincense, and Myrrh to heal, renew, and protect the skin.

Heal and Renew Salve (200mg)

Heal and Renew Salve (400mg)

Pain Re-leaf Stick – Our strongest CBD Pain Relief topical; CBD and Arnica are combined with Sweet Birch essential oil and menthol crystals to create a deeply penetrating balm that quickly cools the most heated inflammation and injury. This topical provides quick relief on the go.

Pain Re-leaf Stick (400mg)

CBD Massage Oil – This oil is specially formulated to improve circulation and ease muscle cramps. We infused CBD rich cannabis oil with Calendula, Hemp, and Rose oil, and essential oils for a nourishing and rejuvenating experience. Comes in scented or unscented.

Massage Oil 2oz (50mg) (Scented or Unscented)

Massage Oil 4oz (100mg) (Scented or Unscented)

CBD Peppermint Lip Balm – CBD combined with avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba oil and organic beeswax to soothe and heal dry or cracked lips.

Peppermint Lip Balm (10mg)

Therapeutic Bath Balls:

We hand-make our bath bombs in small batches so you always receive a fresh and fully active fizz. Packed with CBD these luxurious bath balls turn your bath into a therapeutic and relaxing experience. They are great for sore muscles and pain. Infused with salt and plant butters they leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Enjoy two scents: Eucalyptus Lemon, Lavender Rose

Bath Bombs (20mg) (Eucalyptus Lemon or Lavender Rose)