Our Services

PTSD evaluations

If you feel that you suffer from PTSD but have never been diagnosed you may schedule an evaluation with one of our mental health providers. No prior medical records are required for this service.

AIM is now offering PTSD evaluations. For this service no medical records are required. Call 505-503-8962 to schedule with our medical staff.

New Patients

Our practice reviews all new patient’s medical records prior to scheduling. We ensure you qualify before you see our medical providers or pay any fees. If you don’t have your records that’s OK. Stop by our office, sign a release form and our staff will get the records for you at no charge.

Renewing Patients

Need to renew your cannabis card? We can help. Already our patient? Call us and set up your renewal appointment. Not a patient of AIM? No problem. We can request your records or you may bring them to the appointment. Don’t wait to renew! Call us today.