CBD’s Available Here Now

We are a professional medical practice providing cannabis evaluations to qualified medical cannabis patients throughout the state of New Mexico.

Our Mission: To make getting your medical marijuana card as smooth as possible. Our team of licensed medical professionals will help you through the process to obtain your New Mexico Medical Marijuana Card. We strive to dignify this process with conveniently located offices that are clean and “home-like".

Do You Qualify?


  1. Medical records must be submitted prior to scheduling an appointment by signing a release form in our office or bringing the records in.
  2. Patients with the proper medical records will be scheduled for a consult with one of our medical providers.
  3. Patients are given a complete packet with state application, required medical records, and NM state ID. Patients are instructed to mail the completed packet to the NM DOH. They begin the process and will mail the patient’s card within 30 business days of receiving it.

PTSD Evaluations are conducted by our physicians, no medical records are required. Please call for an appointment: 505-503-8962

Need to Renew Your Card?

Whether you are an AIM patient or not we can help. Do not risk waiting too long to renew — we suggest you begin the process two months before your current card expires.